Coconut Sugar that healthy people can’t miss!

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 Did you know that coconut sugar is not made from coconuts? But it is made from the nectar of coconut flower inflorescences (chan) through a process of simmering and drying the nectar. Let the water from the nectar evaporate until it becomes thick. And viscous coconuts sugar. and has a unique fragrance It has a sweet, mellow taste.

     Currently coconut sugar By ยูฟ่าเบท has been developed Improving the production process into a variety of formats Since palm sugar to liquid coconut sugar. Importantly, coconut sugar is also a natural sugar that has the most benefits and nutritional properties as follows.

Coconut sugar helps balance mineral values ​​in the blood.

     Because coconut sugar contains magnesium, sodium, and potassium. Which are nearly 400 times more than regular sugar, it balances the mineral values ​​in the blood. It also helps control blood sugar levels. Cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure as well

The sweetness is the same, but the glycemic index content is lower.

     When comparing blood sugar according to the glycemic index table. coconut sugar From Ban Tan Puk It has a glycemic index of only 35, while regular sugar is around 65, so diabetics can eat it better than some types of sugar.

Rich in minerals that are good for the body.

     coconut sugar There are also many good minerals. Like iron that comes with copper. Helps in excretion Stimulate fat burning Helps reduce blood sugar levels Followed by calcium that plays an important role in strengthening bones and teeth, and finally, there is also vitamin C that helps support the immune system Prevent sickness And also helps make the skin beautiful and clear.