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Taking care of your own oral health

Self-care oral care techniques The best oral health care is brushing teeth brushing teeth            The method of brushing your teeth that the Department of Health recommends is the 2-2-2 brushing method, including:            2: Brush your teeth 2 times a day, in the morning

Coconut Sugar that healthy people can’t miss!

 Did you know that coconut sugar is not made from coconuts? But it is made from the nectar of coconut flower inflorescences (chan) through a process of simmering and drying the nectar. Let the water from the nectar evaporate until it becomes thick. And viscous

Fruits are easy to find and help reduce belly fat.

Fruits are considered the choice of people who want to lose weight. Because the fruit has high fiber content. Plus there are a variety of vitamins. But not all fruits are suitable for weight loss. ufabet Because some types are high in sugar, such

Exercise poses make you sweat and help strengthen your memory.

As we all know How is exercise good for the body? But many people may not think of it. That exercise can improve memory too! Researchers revealed that Exercising regularly for 6 weeks, with just 20 minutes of different poses, can significantly improve memory. An example of this type of

How to cope in a bully society

Nowadays we hear the word “ Bully ” often because nowadays people communicate a lot through the cyber world. Until thinking that it was just bullying in the cyber world But in reality Bullying can happen anywhere in everyday life. Whether it’s in an educational institution or at work, and it’s

8 ways to avoid “acid reflux.” Changing the way you eat can help.

Acid reflux is a heartburn condition caused by gastric juice from the stomach flowing back up into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation in the chest. Frequent burping is very disruptive to daily life. Therefore, prevention from the beginning It will help reduce the risk of this disease. >>

5 foods to detoxify-fat from the liver Reduce the risk of “fatty liver”

If you eat these foods It will help gradually reduce bad fat. Decreased from the liver in 3 months Dr. Nantaphon Phongrattanaman, Advisor Department of Vascular Surgery Phramongkutklao Hospital or Dr. Top specifies foods that can help reduce fat in the liver slowly, with results visible within 3 months as

treatment “varicose veins” by means of injections

Have you ever heard of varicose vein injections? Sclerotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for varicose and spider veins, a common condition. It affects the appearance and can cause pain or problems. Regarding severe hemorrhage, here are the basics you need to know. before choosing an injection

Hurry up to the hospital within 4.30 hours.

If you find that someone has such symptoms A stroke may be suspect. And only 4.30 hours to save the patient’s life Time is the most important aspect of a stroke. Because if the blood vessels are broke, constricte or block, they cannot bring oxygen and nutrients to

Recognize the disease “forget the face”, unable to remember the faces of acquaintances

inability to recognize faces (Prosopagnosia) is a defect in the brain’s perception and processing. complete loss of face recognition โปรโมชั่น ufabet inability to recognize faces What is Prosopagnosia? Dr. Somsak Akkasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services Revealed that the brain is a multifunctional organ. especially in terms of