Conte saw a lot of good things from the first game.

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte has revealed that he has seen good things. Many from the football games that started the season that collapsed Southampton 4-1.

Conte said, “It was the perfect start for us. Even if they fall behind We started well. because we dominate the game But we lost the door But after that we continued to play. And we still believe in what we work on in training.”

“I really like this game in terms of results. But especially how to create a competitive result. A lot of chances were created to score goals. have good ball possession There was good high and mid-pressing and we did well when we lost the ball. and is determined to try and bring it back.” UFABET

“I’ve seen a lot of good things, but it’s only the first game. Today we have seen the summer work with my players.”

“Dejan (Kulusevski) has been a huge influence since last season, he and Rodrigo (Bentangur) have been a really good match, Dejan continues to do so. But he had to continue this work with great effort. He’s very ambitious. He wants to be one of the best players in his role. I think this ambition is good. If he is still humble and keep working. He can be like that.”