Dortmund kicks off season with 1-0 Royce  Leverkusen.

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Borussia Dortmund start the Bundesliga New season with big battles to win Leverkusen 1-0 thanks to Marco Reus’ winner football.

Starting the game up to the 9th minute, Befaobe had a head start. Jonathan Tah pulled the ball back and lost the ball from the skull. Bounced into Karim Adeyemi’s way, shot the first sword, saved Lucas Hradecky, bounced back to Marco Reus, charged sharply, did not miss the yellow tiger, took the lead first 1-0

In the 42nd minute, Dortmund scored more goals, Marco Reus opened a corner kick into the box by Nico Schlotterbeck. Poured himself up to hit the beam, Don Yell Malen repeatedly hit the ball with a light sword into the hands of Lucas Hradecky, the visiting guard. UFABET

before the end of the first half On the side of the drug store, the game was aggressively aggressive. Means to reclaim the striker’s goal But can only hover back and forth only after the first 45 minutes, Dortmund led the way on the side of Leverkusen go first 1-0.

In the 63rd minute.

The visiting team almost got it again. Moussa Diaby crossed the ball from the right side of the line into the penalty area. Patrick Chic dropped a single slip up to shoot. But still not through the hands of Gregor Kobel, the yellow tiger defender brushed aside.

80th minute Leverkusen Still aggressively attacking the home team And this time, the local defender, Nico Schlotterbeck. Intercepted the ball in the wrong rhythm in the way of Patrick Chic, slide the ball into the post. Luck is not on the side of the visiting team again. The score remains the same

In the 90+2 minute of stoppage time, the visiting team came to 10 players. Lucas Hradecky was shown a red card because he ran to cut the ball on Marco Reus in front of the penalty area. Then no more goals and the end of the game Dortmund opened the home win. Leverkusen narrowly 1-0.