Jorginho presses the penalty to send Chelsea to beat the Everton 1-0.

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Chelsea managed to survive and win in their debut game of the new season. When they beat Everton 1-0 from the penalty spot in the first half of Jorginho.

English Premier League Football

Everton 0 – Chelsea 1

Stadium: Goodison Park

Starting the game, Chelsea is in possession of the ball, attacking most of the time. But there is almost no opportunity to inform Until the 10th minute, Everton defender Ben Godfrey suffered a serious injury from the stroke of the ball and Kai Havertz fell over his ankle. Such an event requires a medical team to be called in. Which takes more than 8 minutes ever. Until he lay on the hammock before Mason Holgate was replaced.

In the 19th minute, it was Chelsea’s chance to focus on a short corner kick. Raheem Sterling received the ball and flowed in front of the penalty area for Mason Mount to run to the right without touching Jordan Pickf. Ford had to dive into the save before Holgate dunked behind him UFABET.

Everton almost gave the same finisher in the 24th minute when Vitali Mikolenko opened the ball for James Tarkowski to head under the bar but Eduard Mendy still flew away. can

The Blues still dominate the attacking ball as before, with the Toffees only able to find a chance to counter. But the locals still play well defensively until the visiting team can’t do anything well.

In the first half. The injury lasted up to 8 minutes, and in the seventh minute Chelsea came to the penalty spot when Ben Chilwell dribbled into the penalty area and was pulled back by Dougure. The referee did not hesitate and it was Jorginho who killed himself in the left corner. Chelsea took the lead 1-0 in the 45+9 minute and ended the first half with this score.

Back into the second half.

Everton tried to attack more. But still can’t do much.

Everton tried to get back the goal, Koulibaly had a poor header, Nathan Petterson intercepted. And made his way into the right-hand penalty area before scoring for Dele Alli. But it was too late. When he caught the ball, he was knocked down by the visiting team’s defensive line. Even trying to sweep the foot shot The ball fell out of the box a lot.

In the 74th minute, Chelsea changed and Mark Gugureya, a new player who bought from Brighton for more than 50 million pounds, made his debut as a substitute for Kalidou Kouliba. Li, while Armando Broya also came on for Havertz.

82 minutes: Chelsea was too far away when Cugureya reached the end of the left back line and opened the center for Sterling to shoot at the 6-yard line. It’s good that Micolenko came crashing down on the blocker. narrowly

After 10 minutes of injury time, the Toffees were still shattered until the end of Chelsea’s 1-0 win over Everton.