Lampard pointed out a small mistake in deciding the game.

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Everton manager Frank Lampard has pointed out that. The slightest mistake his players made was the deciding factor in the Toffees 1-0 home defeat to Chelsea.

“I’m disappointed, but not in our form. I think we did very well, Chelsea want to separate you. And we never let them do it. Except for one little mistake that decides the game.”

“I think the children Thanks to all the fans who came before the game. The atmosphere in the game was great. UFABET I think the children Ours are involved in that.”

“When you look at the bench, Chelsea can change the game. but the front We cannot change much.”

“Usually Anthony (Gordon) is the centerpiece. But in front of them all three were able to move. I think they are doing very well. Of course, if you have a player number 9, you might score a goal from one cross in the first half.”

When asked about the penalty that was decided, Lampard replied: “I think Chilly (Chilwell) is smart, but I think Dookure has a bit of an arm too. The mistake is a slight loss of position in the team.”

With injuries in the team, Mr Taffy said: “It makes it difficult, Ben injured. We think it’s a slight fracture in the fibula. Yerry (Mina) has an ankle injury that we don’t know much about. It’s not a muscle injury. But it was a weird injury.”