Baccarat Formula.

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Baccarat Formula is a type of betting that uses cards as the main device for gambling. Which in the old age. This type of bet Has been open to the general store and then later it has been added. The official method of service is Casino in general.

1 Bet on the “Dragon” formula, that is. The result of the same color is repeated more than 4 times or more. So most gamblers are called “Dragon”.UFABET

2 Bet on the “ping-pong” formula, that is, the results come out alternately – come and go. For example the Banker results alternate with Player back and forth, like playing table tennis.

3 Betting on the “pair card” formula is to bet money into the pair card slot. Most of the same players usually put only 10%. If the first 2 cards come out the same, they will receive a multiplier of 11 times. For example, bet on a pair of blue cards 10 baht and the cards turn out to be 4 and 4, you will get money multiplied by 11. immediately

4 Bet on the “Tie” Baccarat Formula, the result is always drawn out very often. The method is that every time you bet Always stick to it. I repeat that just 10 baht is more than enough. If the result is always, you get the full 80 baht.