Exercise poses make you sweat and help strengthen your memory.

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As we all know How is exercise good for the body? But many people may not think of it. That exercise can improve memory too!

Researchers revealed that Exercising regularly for 6 weeks, with just 20 minutes of different poses, can significantly improve memory. An example of this type of memory is being able to say that our car is different from other cars. The same color, same model, same brand parked next to each other. This research involved young, healthy people participating in the study. After completing the training Memory performance has been found to increase over a short period of time. ยูฟ่าเบท

Participants who improve their physical fitness were found to have increase levels of BDNF, a type of growth factor. that factors promote the growth and survival of brain cells Important in terms of increasing resistance to injury. Helps create connections between brain cells from before birth until death. The brain needs growth factors like BDNF to maintain a balance between creating brain cell connections. Lack of BDNF will cause problems in the balance of brain cell connections. and may cause brain cell loss

Therefore, we need to exercise such as aerobic exercise. To increase the production of BDNF to maintain

the balance of brain cell connection processes. In order to prevent brain function from being a problem Particularly as we get older, BDNF is even more beneficial in older adults who begin to have impaired memory. which arises from various conditions such as dementia

Ninety-five participants in the study completed six weeks of exercise training and found differences in brain performance on memory tasks. and changes occurred from the results measured before the training and after the training The results of the study showed that the mechanism of combining exercise and cognitive training Can improve brain performance

This training will be applie to the elderly. To see if older people can get the same results as younger people. due to the elderly When you get older There is often a state of forgetfulness, which is normal. including factors promoting growth (Neurotrophic factor) also decreased. which if severe to the point where it does not work This may result in the elderly population being at risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The workout is call High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and has only 5 exercises. After completing 1 round, rest for 30 seconds before starting another round. Repeat until 20 minutes are up.