How to cope in a bully society

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Nowadays we hear the word “ Bully ” often because nowadays people communicate a lot through the cyber world. Until thinking that it was just bullying in the cyber world But in reality Bullying can happen anywhere in everyday life. Whether it’s in an educational institution or at work, and it’s been happening for a long time. สมัคร ufabet

  • Bullying doesn’t just exist in the cyber world. But it can happen anywhere in the real world. Whether it’s in an educational institution or at work, and it’s been happening for a long time.
  • Dealing with bullying mindfully, quietly, responding and clarifying at the right time, without resentment, stress, or excessive anxiety. including choosing to live in a good society and environment Turn off some social media stories. If you can’t find a solution You should see a doctor for appropriate treatment.

What is bullying ?

that bullying  is violent behavior, bullying, and harassing others both verbally and physically. If it happens in real life, it is usually a mockery of one’s appearance. social status including physical harm As for the online world, most of it is created by shaming each other on social media. Many times, bullying creates so many emotional effects that it may cause deep emotional wounds that are difficult to heal. Or it may escalate to a clash and cause physical injuries.

Which type is considered a bully ?

Intimidating behavior and bullying They may not be separate at all. This is most often cause by the actions of people who think they are more powerful and bully those who are less fortunate, or big people who like to bully small people. Those behaviors may be repeat, which if face with abuse for the first time The victim may be able to forgive. But if it happens often and repeatedly, it may eventually turn into stress or resentment. In addition, most offenders have a clear goal of wanting others to be ashamed, hurt, degraded, or devalued. Bullying can be classified as follows:

  • Physical bullying  It is physical harm to the other party causing injury and wounds which can be seen from the outside. In some cases, it may also affect the mind.
  • verbal bullying  Even though there were no visible physical injuries But speaking slanderously, mocking, slandering, and verbally abusing other people can hear. In addition to causing embarrassment and anxiety, it may create stress and suppression, resulting in depression or social anxiety. It is considere a very painful mental wound.
  • social bullying  It creates a social trend around us to rage on the victim of bullying. It is like lending a hand to those around you to jointly harm one person, such as releasing a clip of the victim. or creating rumors Until the addicts believe and are ready to share and spread the news to a wider audience. until the victim has no place in society