How to bet on Sic Bo techniques to get money for sure.

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For formula and probability of sum of dice in Sic Bo techniques. Which is a formula derived from statistical analysis of probabilities rather than. But during the actual playing time. Sic Bo players must be the ones who analyze bet themselves.

1. Tod to be.

Look at the probability of the dice. It will be toad by looking at the previous game that. The dice in the past games. What scores does it issue the most? Let you follow that score as the main and the table with the minor. For example, in the last 5 games, 6 points went out to 4 rounds. While the second point was scored 3 out of 3 rounds out of 5 games. So you choose tod at points 3 and 6, or if you look at others better. 3 points to stab that body. UFABET  But give 6 points to stand on the ground.

2. Favorites to be accurate.

Sic Bo techniques From Method 1, when in the past 5 games 6 points out to 4 rounds, change from Toad to playing Hi-Lo. By giving you a favorite 6 when the graph in the past game has 6 points to 4 games, so then let you bet 6 hard because there is a chance to get 6 points again, it is very high if you want to make money Soon you can follow 6.

3. Stab by waiting for the stick.

This method will only bet on high and low dice. By allowing you to wait for the stepdaughter by taking a look at the overall graph that you are shaken by which design during that time. If it is not a frequent stick, such as a long high or a long low, do not play for you to wait for the time. Because these people will have a chance to bet to get money for sure. but be patient Whenever they come out in a row, such as coming out high in a row, 2-3 eyes allow you to bet high and hard, you can guarantee that you will definitely get your money back.