How to play Sic Bo to earn money?

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Step 1: Look at the Sic Bo game about 3-4 eyes first. Then notice which points are drawn the most. Then hold that point as the main point.

Step 2: After getting the main point. Then bring that point to Toad with the other remaining points. For example, from the picture in the first 3 eyes. You will see that the 3 points are out the most often. Then take the 3 points as the main point. And then bring the 3 points to hit with the other points. The rest such as Tod 3 , 1 Tod 3 , 2 Tod 3 , 4 Tod 3 , 5 etc. From the Hi-Lo picture. All 12 eyes have gone out and have 3 points out of 9 eyes. UFABET 

From the example given. If using the Hi-Lo betting method according to this Tod’s betting formula Will allow players to win the game up to 9 eyes, which is 90% considered very high, considered a way to bet on dice to get money. That should be implemented very well, the formula for betting on dice to get money This method has been proven. There are leaders to try to play for real and get real results. Can make money from playing Sic Bo online quite substantially. However, the recommended way to bet on Sic Bo will be effective or not. It depends on the player himself. That can change the playing situation or not