Leeds owner warns Barca to pay Rafinha on time.

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Owner Andrea Radrezzani hopes Barcelona will pay Rafinha a fee according to a deadline agreed by the two clubs.

Leeds United owner Andrea Radrezzani has warned Barcelona they will have to pay Rafinha an agreed fee on September 2. Lagrana is still unclear, according to reports from ‘The Athletic’ on Saturday.

The club released Rafinha to Barcelona this summer for an initial fee of 48 million euros plus an additional 12 million euros in bonuses. According to the player’s wishes. The club have also accepted an offer from Chelsea amid Radrizzani’s concerns over whether Azulgra will be able to pay the fee on time. because of the club’s financial problems UFABET

‘Barcelona are not in a position to buy players,’ Radrizzani said. but unable to confirm the agreement because their financial status is unclear.’

‘We made a deal with Chelsea because the players wanted to leave. And he is open to offers from Premier League clubs. For me, it’s over (Rafinha goes to Chelsea) and when I made a deal. What word do I say? I am ashamed to go back to Todd Bohly and change my stance’

‘The influence that Barcelona convinced him to wait for them and that shows that players and agents have power in the system. which for me is exaggerated.I don’t know what happened behind the scenes (at Barcelona) or where they got their money. I will tell you on September 2 (if they pay Rafinha) if not. We will have a global problem reported all over the world.